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More details on how not to acquire a company courtesy of HP

We posted previously about HP’s disastrous “mark it up then write it down two step” $11.7 Billion acquisition of Autonomy.  Here’s the update – http://bit.ly/1wdPiF0

Some great snippets from the Sage of Omaha

When this man speaks about how to value and acquire businesses you listen – http://read.bi/1vMdQYh

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.

This article examines why Facebook is paying $19 Billion for an instant messaging business with 55 employees which never been profitable.  See http://bit.ly/1x7cedc

2014 Q1 Global M&A report from MergerMarket

Global markets are buoyant.  Low interest rates and high stock market values are driving demand for M&A.  See this report from MergerMarket http://bit.ly/1lx6Xqe

How NOT to acquire a company! The mark-it-up and write-it-down two-step

It’s hard to believe a company the size of HP would enter into an deal to acquire a business for $11.1 Billion and within 12 months have to write off $8.8 Billion from the investment.  See http://bit.ly/YWVK51